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Natural Detoxing for 2014

detoxing vegetables

Starting off the new year being sick, I figured the best way for me to step my health game up in 2014 is to begin with a detox.

I’ve been sick literally since New Years Eve.

I’ve been in bed for the past week.

What is Aquaponics?

aquaponicsWhat exactly is aquaponics?

When you mix the idea of growing plants in water, hydroponics, with the idea of growing fish, prawns or crawfish in a tank, aquaculture, you get aquaponics.

Growing using the method of aquaponics is an efficient and sustainable way to produce enough organic food to feed an entire family of 5, year round, in as little as 384 square feet of space.

New Solar Cell Technology Shedding Light on New Opportunities for Solar Use

It is exciting to hear about new technology on the horizon. Especially when it is something I’m looking to put into use in the very near future.

Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley Perris Centennial Home Build at SoCal Fair

Eat & Live Green! donates <em data-recalc-dims=raised container garden to Habitat for Humanity Spec Home Build" width="274" height="427" srcset=" 343w, 192w" sizes="(max-width: 274px) 100vw, 274px" />

Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley is a charitable organization helping inland valley families become homeowners. Through charitable contributions, Habitat for Humanity is able to buy, build, and rehab homes for families in need. This Fall, the organization will be building a spec home at the SoCal Fair at the Perris Fairgrounds, October 8-16, 2011.

Jawbone’s ‘Up’ Helps You Eat & Live Green!

The new Jawbone ‘Up’ helps you to Eat & Live Green!

I love learning about new technology that will help me eat & live green. So when I heard that there was a new wristband technology that would be able to track my eating habits, sleep patterns, and my movements all for the sake of living healthier, I was immediately interested. Made by Jawbone®, the ‘Up’ is looking to compete with products like: BodyMedia, FitBit, Nike+, and DirectLife.The Jawbone Up Coming Soon.