3 Container Gardening Basics

The Eat & Live Green Square Foot GardenWhen deciding to plant and you have limited space, knowing these 3 container gardening basics can save you time, money, and space.

Eat & Live Green has built the Eat & Live Green Gardens based on square foot container gardens. The reason for this is wanting to have more control over the growing space, pest control, and the soil conditions. When deciding to plant your own garden and you have limited space, consider planting using container gardens. More importantly, remember these 3 Container Gardening Basics Remember to choose your containers wisely, use the proper soil and drainage, and know what to consider when choosing what to grow. Knowing these 3 container gardening basics will save you time, money, and space.

Eat & Live Green Square Foot GardenChose Your Containers Wisely

Though it may be all you have or you just think they look pretty, using just any container lying around the house may not work well for your container garden. When planing your own container garden, chose your containers wisely. Those black plastic pots will crack from deterioration due to the sun’s UV rays. Clay pots are porous, which allows water to seep from it through the sides. If using wood, making sure to use cedar or redwood will give natural protection from the elements and pests. Wood container gardens such as douglas fir should be protected with some sort of natural stain that will not leach chemicals into your soil.

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Using a naturally nutrient-rich soil and providing adequate drainage will be key to successful container gardening. Using soil like a compost blend or coco coir and feeding with compost or vermitea will offer organic nutrient-rich soil for your plants. This ensures that you’re eating freshly grown produce, free from chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Using compost or vermitea also promotes better growth, better yield, and better tasting produce. Making sure your container gardens have proper drainage will make sure the roots receive the proper ratio of water, nutrients, and air for optimal growing. You don’t want your plant getting so much air or having too much drainage to where you lose more water than you keep. You also do not want your container garden to lack drainage and cause root rot. Once you have your container garden picked out and your soil choice is made, now for the fun part of choosing your plants.

Choosing What to Grow

Most people who decide to take advantage of the benefits of container gardening are working with limited space. Remember to take this into consideration when choosing what to grow in your container garden. The keyword is MOST! Container gardening is the perfect solution for maximizing even acres of space into more easily managed crops of produce. This is exactly what we are creating here at Eat & Live Green Gardens. If you want to have control over your produce, planting a herb, salad, or salsa container garden is a perfect weekend project if it’s just you, it’s a date thing, or a family build off. Container gardening is simple, its fun, and its therapeutic. Things like: tomatoes, herbs, onions, and garlic will grow beautifully in a container garden. Flowers like: begonias, geraniums, marigolds, nasturtiums, pansies and zinnias do well in container gardens as well.

Whether you are growing to add beauty to a balcony or an edible landscape to your rear yard, container gardening is an easy way to eat & live green in 2011. If you don’t think you have the time, space, or patience to install and take care of your own container gardens, think again. If you want the benefits of eating organically grown produce from your own yard, email us for details on how you can eat & live a greener life today.

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