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Rice Bag to Make Compost Tea

I went on a supply finding mission the other day and this perfect rice bag to make compost tea in. This is going to be used for the Eat & Live Green Garden project: Making Compost Tea

Eat & Live Green is taking full advantage of Summer and beginning its workshop series in the Eat & Live Green Garden. We will be featuring such projects as making a pallet compost bin, a pallet garden, building a square foot garden, making compost tea, and composting. We went on a supply finding mission and came across this awesome Royal Basmati burlap rice bag that is the perfect bag for compost tea.

LIFE ON THE BALCONY: Creating a Pallet Garden

Pallet Garden at Life on the BalconyWhile researching new techniques of vertical gardening Eat & Live Green came across a blog site called Life on the Balcony and learned how easy creating a pallet garden really is.

On my trip to pick up more compost for the Eat & Live Green Square Foot Garden, I decided to ask how they recycled their pallets. I’m happy to say they had two I was able to have for free. I was excited because this meant I had the four I needed to complete the new compost bin. What I wasn’t expecting was for one of the pallets to feel like it weighed  5o lbs.